About Me

Let me introduce myself!  My name is Millie Harbour and I live with my husband Andrew  in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.  We have five children, and two grandchildren.
I was born in a small place on the borders of Scotland, called Ayton. My father worked on the estate of the castle there and we lived in an apartment above the stables in the stableyard – maybe that’s where I get my love of horses and my love of stableyards!
I have to say I love the castle too and was thrilled to be able to see it again a couple years ago. I was reared and went to school in Berwick on Tweed – a lovely old walled town, on the borders of England and Scotland.
I have always loved art – as  a child drawing faces and animals copied out of comics, and loved art at school. However my parents encouraged me to do secretarial work, which worked out well,  but I never stopped drawing.
My sister and I later moved to Edinburgh and  lived with an older friend of the family, who gave us a room.  While there, I did a drawing of a horse and it got shown to a man who was involved with the the Art school, there in Edinburgh.   His comment on it was, “It is lifeless!”.   I was delighted to have something positive to work on, it spurred me on.  
 While I was working in an Art/Supplies/ Printing shop, the manager there gave me some of the old stock of oil paints.  I was thrilled, so along with a basic book of how to mix the paints and how to go about using them, I got started.  I loved it and still love oil painting.
After getting married, making a home,  rearing our 5 children and caring for my in laws, I didn’t get much time for painting although I did some as the children got older and got to do a part-time art course through the Moate Business college, here in Ireland in 2001. 
 In 2002 I was talked into teaching some friends art,  then taught art at evening classes with the V.E.C. in Ballinasloe, and later taught two classes of adults in  Athlone.
I have been asked to do paintings for wedding presents for ‘Irish’ in America,  as well as other commissions.   
I have sold quite a few in one way and another and am thrilled to have had my paintings sold at the Galway Auction Rooms.  
In 2012 I had an exhibition in a Library being part of the East Galway Art Trail, that was a huge encouragement.   I continue to paint although I suffer chronic fatigue, however that seems to be improving, thankfullly.   
Please browse my “Gallery”, and let me know your comments on my work!  You can also use the Contact Form to inquire about commissions, or any of my work that is for sale.