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The pictures I have for sale are in the Killimor Library since 15th Mar,  they will be taken down this week, then will prepare for the next auction in Kilcolgan.   Not sure of the date yet.


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  1. Kay says:

    Hi Millie,

    Good to see your paintings up on website.Some ones iv’e not seen.
    Been busy.

    Love Kay

  2. MillieH says:

    Ahh Thank you so much Kay. It’s great to get a comment, really appreciate it. They’re all down in the library still in
    killimor. The exhibition was so encouraging but no sales as yet. Have to go get them out this week. All artists are finding it
    so hard at the moment, everyone watching there pennies.
    Hope the sunshine we’re getting is helping you, it makes such a difference doesn’t it.
    Ken and Pat Hobba were asking after you and John. Pat is fighting cancer but is doing well, she’s on some natural
    stuff so hope it works, they’re both in their 70s but are just the same apart from the very white hair.
    Much love, Millie

  3. Rosalind says:

    I like your work. I googled emerging artists, Ireland. I am coming to Dublin shortly for the first time, a pensioner. If there is something fairly small which catches my eye . . . I may buy to take back for my new retirement flat. The one I liked of yours is on the promotion site. Where best to go to see your work?

  4. MillieH says:

    Hello Rosalind,

    I was delighted to get your comment and see your interest in my work. My work is best seen at the moment in my home, The Coach House, 2 Station Road, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. if you are staying in Dublin, it would be very straightforward to come by train as I live by the railway station, you would be very welcome, however if that is asking too much of you, I could bring the picture you are interested in to Dublin.

    I look forward to hearing from you – oh my mobile no. is 0863689834.
    Yours sincerely,
    Millie harbour

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