The tortoise returns !!

Hello all you art lovers,

Ha I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this blogging but maybe there is someone reading this and interested in my progress.

Since the last blog, my paintings caught the attention of someone in the Agora Gallery in New York, I was invited to go there display and have an exhibition, being promoted by them for a year but would cost me  $3,500 plus expense of getting there shipping them over and whatnot, sounds wonderful but with all the expense of getting the house back together plus am not selling enough yet to make that amount  sooooooo it’s on hold, if I ever do want to go.

Thank goodness the worst of the winter is over and the light is brighter for painting, so feel like getting on with it again.  In the meantime I was so happy that New Irish Artist had my work on the opening page of their sight for the month of December, I felt so happy about that,  I hope you readers saw it.

Oh I’ve got quite a few of my paintings hanging in the Crumbs and Cream cafe in Ballinasloe,   if any of you want to see them.       The painting ‘The Bluebird’ really seemed to grab people’s attention so have some prints of  it in there for sale. The original was a commission painting so was sold.   I want to put some prints of the painting “Cooling Off” (the one of the horse coming out of the water) in the cafe too.      I’m almost finished one of a ballerina, just caught me as something folks might like, that will be put in there too, then will get going on something else.

Will be in touch again soon.   Would love to hear from you.  Millie

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2 Responses
  1. Mark Daly says:

    Hi Millie,

    How is the ballerina painting going?

    That will be an interesting one I bet!

    Take care,


  2. Shannon Sumner says:

    Hey Millie…..Shannon here!
    Cool website. Can’t wait to see the ballerina painting 🙂

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