I came across this art internet site site and have joined in the hopes that I may become more widely known.   It would boost my morale and make things easier I think.  I was so impressed at how easy it was after trying another site and then running out of time just about as I was finished putting all the information they wanted. Who’d have thought their was a time limit to applying!!! Well there you go, be warned, although you probably all know this I suppose.   Anyway after a lot of patience on Tom’s part, helping me see I needed better photos of my pictures, then me spending all day taking photos trying to keep the reflections out I finally did it,  but never again, I shall definitely take a photo of the work before framing. I’d recommend the site though for any budding artists.

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  1. Nicola says:

    The new site looks great! Hope it will get you some business 🙂
    It was worth the effort!

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