Still Painting

Here I am still at it and will get some photos posted soon.  I haven’t written anything for some time but I am still painting. I really didn’t think that blogging mattered but I have been assured by a couple of friends at the Athlone Festival it definitely is worth it, their opinion being that everyone reads blogs these days.  Really??     I feel like I’m talking to myself  – anybody reading this maybe you’d let me know, thanking you in advance 🙂     

As was suggested to me, I’m having my oil paintings framed with glass in front like watercolours are, I do think it’s better,  after resisting tradition!!    This is still not widely known going by the comments at Athlone Agri Fair and it was very new to Jim McKnight who does my framing for me, but there you go fashions change and I seem to be right along there with it, ha!  

Hope you like the new paintings I will post on the home tag.  My neighbour asked if I’d do the sea scape of Galway Bay at low tide looking onto the Burren.  I did it with a palette knife and though it was a challenge to begin with , thoroughly enjoyed doing it.   Anyone that wants an original painting done from a photo please get in touch.   Bye for now.

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2 Responses
  1. Nicola says:

    We are here listening!!!!

  2. MillieH says:

    You’re a star Nicola, can always depend on you thank you yet again.

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