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Hi folks,

This is for those that are still interested in my artwork, I know I am the worlds worst at blogging  but who knows maybe some have not given up on me.  This winter of 2015/2016 has been one of the longest, wettest, and greyist,  but now at last we’re getting days of sunshine.  We did get a day in January which made me long to get back to painting so got on with some drawings but with the grey days that followed I couldn’t get down to it but got my shed sorted and got the cable sorted for the heater, it’s beautiful today so blow the garden and everything I’m off to my shed, I was taken with a scene from Venice and that’s what I’m working on got lots of horses etc to work on too.  Enjoy the spring, hopefully it will be a beautiful one. Be back soon.



Just saying Hi

Hello everyone,

It’s now 2013 and we’re starting to  emerge from the dark dingy days of winter.  Wonderful.  I got a SAD lamp and that has been great not just for helping me cope with November/December, I use it in my studio, it’s been a great asset for being able to continue working in there too.  Just have to say I was looking for the lamp here in Ballinasloe and no one had heard of them so was told,’ far better get a ‘happy’ lamp’, Ha!!  Must get the box to them get them up to date, and let them know it made me happy. 🙂        I’m still working on a commission so better get to it.   Hope you’re all well.

If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll recall my tale of woe about our house being flooded a couple of years back and all that involved, it has been an incredible stressful time but defintiley improving,  just trying to finish the garden area at the moment.  I am getting myself back on track and while trying to keep up with things,  I realized I had to get my website up to scratch too, it seemed kinda shoddy after looking over it all.  I have the ballet dancer picture framed now so want to replace that picture and tidy up the gallery pages too.  Hope you like the improvements. I have to get some sent to the New Irish Art site too as they really are a terrific asset to artists, doing all the hard work in advertising for us.  Be back soon.

Ballinasloe Horse Fair

Hello all you lovely readers,

I’m still alive and painting!!  It’s been a busy year what with one thing and another so haven’t done too much, blame it on the weather – so dull, but since the exhibition in Kilimor Library I have had a slow but steady no. of sales.   Yeah Really. Now I have to do one for a lady in America and intend having some done for the up coming Horse Fair here in Ballinasloe, so am doing better re. my painting.  I got roped in to doing some knitting for friends which has been a pressure this time of year – it’s definitely a winter occupation, I’ll never take it on in summer again.anyway I said I’d do it so must do it, almost done it!!   Will get back to you once I’m done with that ok

The tortoise returns !!

Hello all you art lovers,

Ha I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this blogging but maybe there is someone reading this and interested in my progress.

Since the last blog, my paintings caught the attention of someone in the Agora Gallery in New York, I was invited to go there display and have an exhibition, being promoted by them for a year but would cost me  $3,500 plus expense of getting there shipping them over and whatnot, sounds wonderful but with all the expense of getting the house back together plus am not selling enough yet to make that amount  sooooooo it’s on hold, if I ever do want to go.

Thank goodness the worst of the winter is over and the light is brighter for painting, so feel like getting on with it again.  In the meantime I was so happy that New Irish Artist had my work on the opening page of their sight for the month of December, I felt so happy about that,  I hope you readers saw it.

Oh I’ve got quite a few of my paintings hanging in the Crumbs and Cream cafe in Ballinasloe,   if any of you want to see them.       The painting ‘The Bluebird’ really seemed to grab people’s attention so have some prints of  it in there for sale. The original was a commission painting so was sold.   I want to put some prints of the painting “Cooling Off” (the one of the horse coming out of the water) in the cafe too.      I’m almost finished one of a ballerina, just caught me as something folks might like, that will be put in there too, then will get going on something else.

Will be in touch again soon.   Would love to hear from you.  Millie

Back painting

Wow it’s been a long time -moving, doing up the house after flooding etc etc, but at last I’m back painting and it feels so good. I’ve almost vinished the Vettrioni ‘blue racing car’ doing it in oils and not so many people in it, as requested on a 4’x2’6″ canvas. Another one is a copy of a classic I can’t think of the title will try and download a photo let you see what I’ve been up to. Be back soon.

Recession Time

It’s a hard time for most right now but why not invest your money into things that will hold value right now even increase in value should the economy come up again. So here you go, am knocking 100 euros off all the prices of those pictures for sale. Hows that?

Cold Comfort

Please note this picture has gone.

For Sale page

Well here I am just about back on track, it’s been a really hectic time getting our house sorted after the flooding last year, apart from everything else, but will be back into it in a couple of weeks now, hopefully flood proof and all nicely redone, feels fresh and new downstairs anyway, still lots to do though.   However I have done a bit more to the website, thanks to Nicola and now have it a bit more organized and seeing that I have not been able to get to auctions have shown the ones I have for sale now on the new ‘For Sale‘ page.   I hope you will enjoy looking them over and not find them too expensive to buy.  Any of you, who have any queries about them, be sure and contact me, will be glad to hear from you.

I came across this art internet site site and have joined in the hopes that I may become more widely known.   It would boost my morale and make things easier I think.  I was so impressed at how easy it was after trying another site and then running out of time just about as I was finished putting all the information they wanted. Who’d have thought their was a time limit to applying!!! Well there you go, be warned, although you probably all know this I suppose.   Anyway after a lot of patience on Tom’s part, helping me see I needed better photos of my pictures, then me spending all day taking photos trying to keep the reflections out I finally did it,  but never again, I shall definitely take a photo of the work before framing. I’d recommend the site though for any budding artists.